Christian Love

We have all seen this photo, probably 100’s of times through the years. Still, when I walk into work on Wed mornings, hearing our entire school singing the song “Thy Word,” it sends love racing through my heart. This little school, a true gem in our community, has been serving Christian hearts for nearly 3/4 a century! This little school, who gathers up its students and teachers in the love of God’s family has deeply instilled faith into every person who has walked her halls. This little school has built strong leaders of Christian character, who daily share their gifts with happy smiles and willing attitudes. This little school has literally changed lives! It has changed mine for sure, and the memories I will hold onto and cherish about “this little school,” are some of the richest of my life. Grace Lutheran School is love. Grace Lutheran School is life. Grace Lutheran School is God’s gift to us all, and He has blessed us beyond measure. “Jesus be my guide, and hold me to your side, and I will love you to the end.”