What is your favorite thing about Grace Lutheran School?

We asked some of our students recently, “What do you like best about Grace Lutheran School?”

Below are some of their answers, so simple, so sweet and a wonderful testament to our school and all it has to offer!
Please continue to be an advocate for our school and tell your friends, word of mouth can be very powerful!

Thank you team Grace!

  • VIP Day
  • Muffins for Moms
  • Donuts for Dads
  • Art class
  • Mrs. Floyd
  • Mrs. Barber
  • Mrs. Palmer
  • Playing sports
  • When we learn about Jesus and God
  • My friends
  • Playing
  • Grace families
  • Who could choose?
  • Math class
  • Its fun!
  • Gym
  • The people, teachers and food
  • Copy of The people, teachers and food
  • Music class
  • Feeling part of a family
  • The people
  • Chapel
  • All the teachers
  • That we are Christians
  • Staff
  • Shirley’s breakfast pizza
  • The chance to be someone special
  • Small size
  • Book Fair
  • Everything!
  • Coloring in the morning