What Grace means to me: By Gretchen Krout, Grade 8

My name is Gretchen and I am in 8th grade; this is my 7th year at Grace Lutheran. So many great things have happened at Grace, but if I talked about them all, it would take me a long time, so I will share the highlights!

One of my favorite things about Grace would have to be the teachers, they were so welcoming, kind, understanding, and fun! I don’t know where I would be without my teachers.

Another thing I love is our musicals. I was somehow convinced to do some interesting things for our musicals; if you didn’t see my costume last year, I was a granny with painted on wrinkles and a big shirt with pillows stuffed in it! That was pretty funny, but I love the learning experience of memorizing lines and getting into costumes because I like theater stuff, so it feels good to learn to be on a stage and be watched by an audience.

In 3rd grade, I finally got to become an older grade chapel buddy, its was an interesting time learning to watch 2 kids for an hour and telling them what the pastor was talking about. I also love to just sit and listen to the Pastor or DCE who is giving chapel.

I highly recommend sending your kids here to make memories, life-long friends and build a strong faith!

Gretchen Krout-8th Grade