Grace Story: Laura Freitag

I attended Grace Lutheran School from Pre School all the way through eighth grade. Having the caring and dedicated teachers definitely played a part in me choosing the career path I did. My experiences at Grace Lutheran School made me the caring and dedicated teacher I am today.

All of the teachers I had while attending Grace played a part in my choice to becoming a teacher but I didn’t become passionate about it until fourth grade with Mrs. Beth Scholten. She would let me help with grading papers after school. I though it was the neatest thing using the teachers manual and marking papers. I can’t say I share that same excitement now about grading but those memories do come up every time I make a smiley face on one of my students papers.

The small class sizes of Grace also played a part in where I teach. I choose to look for a small town school. I accepted my first teaching job at North Border School District in Pembina, ND. Pembina is a very small border town. Class sizes here range from 4 students to 15 students. I loved that my teachers at Grace were able to really get to know me not only academically but also personally. I wanted to also be able to give that feeling to the children I teach.

Going to Grace Lutheran School and having the experiences I did while attending made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change that for the world.